Time please…

I know I have written on time before (LOL – see my last blog on Time Again) but I have been inspired to do so again by a piece in “The Psychologist” this month.

The writer makes two points on time management which are interesting:

1.Time management is partly a privileged phenomenon i.e. f you can afford to pay some people to do tasks that you would rather not do, then that gives you more time for other things than somebody who has to do all the tasks themselves.

2. Research has shown that although time management is quite important at work; it is actually more important in our home lives and has a big impact on wellbeing, reduces anxiety and leads to better life satisfaction.

Obviously I am careful to be on time for my clients, but it is easier to do that when you are working mainly from home! I am still late to church sometimes, but I have found that if I allow more time to do things I usually get less stressed. And time-management of course is not a Rule for living, but a helpful guideline…

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