Names changed to safeguard anonymity.

I don’t normally like doctors. But Jacqueline, you have really helped me cope with my neck pain; and I have learnt new ways of dealing with it.”
– Robert from Box

Before I met Kevan I had never sat in a room to talk about my feelings with anyone, let alone a male. Kevan has helped me enormously and I would recommend that everyone has counselling.
– Terry from Melksham

A big thank you to you Dr Bailey for the help and support you offered me at a time when I really needed it. You made me feel comfortable and at ease. You really understood where I was coming from.”
– Julie from Larkhall

Kevan, I don’t think you will ever realise how much you have helped me these past two years. You have always been here for me when I have needed you. I cannot thank you enough.
– Laura from Weston

“Jacqueline, I really enjoyed meeting you the other day.  I trust you as a Psychologist and as a Christian you exude joy and your face just beams. Maybe it’s true that there is a connection between spiritual health, mental health and physical health?”  Jade from Batheaston.

“I came to see Jacquie after a car accident and using CBT she really helped me retell my story and process my emotions- it was really  helpful to do this with someone who could be objective.” Jennifer from Devizes.

I wanted to thank you for your care, compassion and understanding of my pain. I am using the strategies you taught me and it is all helping.” Sarah from Bathampton.

I felt like Jacquie understands most feelings and thoughts and in hindsight has helped give me the skills to better deal with challenging situations.”  Mark from Larkhall.


4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I am really pleased that I met Jacqueline. I came to her with PTSD and I know through my own working experience that you can have it for many years or for ever.Jacquie showed me how to deal with it and gave me a big part of my live back. I still work with the tools she gave me and it helps me to stay calm and to deal with my demons on a daily basis. I feel much more released and I know it will be better and better with every day I work on it. Thank you so much!

    Alex from Frome

  2. I visited Jacquie with health anxiety – it was one of the worst periods of my life and I wasn’t sure that anything or anyone could help. After a few sessions things started getting better using the methods that were discussed and gradually I am somewhere back to where I was before and if and when I have other periods of anxiety I now know how to cope.

    Steve – Bath

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Bailey (Jacqueline) for all her support and understanding, together with the first class treatment I received after my accident which resulted in a broken wrist. I was allocated Jacqueline via CBT to assist with my problems of CRPS and the continued recovery both mentally and physically to my accident. The treatment presented leaves me in a better place, Jacqueline was able to get me to stay positive and managed to stamp out any doubts I was left with after my accident, with very good methods for coping with my condition. Once again I thank Dr Bailey, and I would like to let her know that many trains have passed me by but only the important ones I climb upon. Thank you Jacqueline!

    Best regards
    Steve Traveller from Market Lavington

  4. I always thought the idea of sitting in a room chatting about your issues was a complete waste of time. Dr Bailey made me feel very comfortable from the moment I sat down. I have completely changed my thinking since having support from Dr Bailey. I would strongly recommend this service. It has helped me greatly. A very professionally run organisation.

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