Names changed to safeguard anonymity.

Before I started CBT I was in a very dark place; Jacqueline has helped me process my thoughts and manage my anxiety – essentially given me my life back.”  Jasmine from Bathford.

I wanted to let you know how grateful we are for all the help and support you’ve given Olivia.

Olivia is very happy at the moment and is going into the festive period with a big smile on her face, not inhibited by any of the difficulties she has been facing. She’s doing well with managing her anxiety and rituals and has overcome a number of them completely.

The most pleasing thing for us is not that the situation is fixed – we now understand that’s not the right way to look at it – but that Olivia is learning the tools and strategies she needs to manage her own mind and is becoming comfortable with who she is and how she can manage her life independently. This was exactly the help we needed, so it’s important to us that we let you know just how grateful we are for the help you’ve given us. “ Parents from Bristol.

My OCD and anxiety have improved and other things as well, including mood and my outlook on life. I don’t feel flat anymore and I am able to appreciate things more. CBT has been a good experience.” Karen from Melksham.

I don’t normally like doctors. But Jacqueline, you have really helped me cope with my neck pain; and I have learnt new ways of dealing with it.”
– Robert from Box

A big thank you to you Dr Bailey for the help and support you offered me at a time when I really needed it. You made me feel comfortable and at ease. You really understood where I was coming from.”
– Julie from Larkhall

“Jacqueline, I really enjoyed meeting you the other day.  I trust you as a Psychologist and as a Christian you exude joy and your face just beams. Maybe it’s true that there is a connection between spiritual health, mental health and physical health?”  Jade from Batheaston.

“I came to see Jacquie after a car accident and using CBT she really helped me retell my story and process my emotions- it was really  helpful to do this with someone who could be objective.” Jennifer from Devizes.

I wanted to thank you for your care, compassion and understanding of my pain. I am using the strategies you taught me and it is all helping.” Sarah from Bathampton.

I felt like Jacquie understands most feelings and thoughts and in hindsight has helped give me the skills to better deal with challenging situations.”  Mark from Corsham.

“The treatment has been beneficial and successful, and has made a real difference to my life; also for my husband. It has been life changing. I am also aware that my emotional intelligence has improved too.” Heidi from Calne.


9 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I am really pleased that I met Jacqueline. I came to her with PTSD and I know through my own working experience that you can have it for many years or for ever.Jacquie showed me how to deal with it and gave me a big part of my live back. I still work with the tools she gave me and it helps me to stay calm and to deal with my demons on a daily basis. I feel much more released and I know it will be better and better with every day I work on it. Thank you so much!

    Alex from Frome

  2. I visited Jacquie with health anxiety – it was one of the worst periods of my life and I wasn’t sure that anything or anyone could help. After a few sessions things started getting better using the methods that were discussed and gradually I am somewhere back to where I was before and if and when I have other periods of anxiety I now know how to cope.

    Steve – Bath

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Bailey (Jacqueline) for all her support and understanding, together with the first class treatment I received after my accident which resulted in a broken wrist. I was allocated Jacqueline via CBT to assist with my problems of CRPS and the continued recovery both mentally and physically to my accident. The treatment presented leaves me in a better place, Jacqueline was able to get me to stay positive and managed to stamp out any doubts I was left with after my accident, with very good methods for coping with my condition. Once again I thank Dr Bailey, and I would like to let her know that many trains have passed me by but only the important ones I climb upon. Thank you Jacqueline!

    Best regards
    Steve Traveller from Market Lavington

  4. I always thought the idea of sitting in a room chatting about your issues was a complete waste of time. Dr Bailey made me feel very comfortable from the moment I sat down. I have completely changed my thinking since having support from Dr Bailey. I would strongly recommend this service. It has helped me greatly. A very professionally run organisation.

  5. Work related stress was really causing me issues so was referred by health provider for some sessions with Jacquie. What a difference it makes to share and have some expert analysis to help address the core issues. After several extremely insightful CBT discussions and reviews I can now take back control and meet challenges with a new clarity and understanding of what makes me tick. I cannot thank you enough Jacquie!

  6. I am very grateful to Jacquie for helping me cope with my anxiety at a time when life was hectic. Jacquie has been very understanding of my emotions and with CBT I have been able to largely overcome my phobia. I also understand how to cope with my anxiety so that I can continue doing everything I did before. Thank you for your help Jacquie, I am now in a much more positive state of mind.

  7. Dr Jacquie has been a huge help, she provides an environment that feels totally safe and non-judgemental and has always followed my needs not any dogma about CBT or mindfulness.

  8. Changed my life

    Before I started CBT with Jacquie I felt lost with my feelings and the pain I was experiencing.
    Jacquie has given me the tools to use to get my life back. After completing my CBT sessions I feel happy and confident for the future now!
    Jacquie is a beautiful, kind and understanding lady. I felt completely at ease with her. She really has changed my life and I will be forever grateful.
    Thank you

  9. I am 19 and started CBT with Jacquie for anxiety and panic attacks relating to a heart condition. Due to the discussions within our sessions and the techniques she taught me I’ve been able to overcome, manage and control the panic attacks, and overall anxiety I was having. She was also able to help me with general overthinking which is a tool I will carry on utilising throughout my life. She is a very lovely lady who genuinely wants to help so I would recommend her services.

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