Having surgery…

If you saw my post last year about fad diets, you will know that I was hospitalised briefly with a problem with my gall bladder… Well I finally had it out last month…And one of the things that helped me pre and post surgery was my knowledge as a health psychologist… I remembered that it is important to have knowledge of what was going to happen to me, but not too much i.e. no gory details. Research has shown this is very important – if you go into surgery not knowing anything, then you can’t prepare yourself for what you need to do afterwards to recover and if you know too much you maybe increasing your anxiety levels.

So if you have to have surgery for whatever reason use your chance to speak with the consultant and the anaesthetist to ask questions and write them down in advance if necessary. Use breathing techniques to calm yourself down on the day of the surgery, make sure you have people around to support you afterwards and don’t have unrealistic expectations about when you will get back to “normal”. Also do the physiotherapy exercises you have been given.

And yes “I’m getting there”…

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