Birthday stories

It was my birthday in March and I noticed that there were a lot of other birthdays in March too, amongst my family and friends; this got me thinking back to something said on “thought for the day” about how it can bolster our self-esteem, if we are told a good story about our birth. As I was born in the 60s and I was the eldest I was born in a maternity home, probably not too dissimilar from the one in “Call the Midwife” – except there were cockroaches on the floor and my mother had to keep her slippers on the bed! My father was not allowed to be there and if I had been a boy I would have been called Christopher, but was instead named after my father Jack. Then when my parents took me home the dog thought I was one of her puppies. I could tell similar stories about my children’s births. If your parents are still alive why not ask them about yours?Birthday cake

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