February Love?

Lots of couples get married on Valentine’s day, but according to The Psychologist this month there are lots of different types of love story (Sternberg 2013): I don’t see myself as a house wife, but I think of my love story as being a mix of a cookbook (doing things a certain way results in a relationship being more likely to work out), gardening (relationships need to be continually nurtured) and sewing (love is whatever you make it); and definitely not horror, war or a game. What about your love story – is it: Addiction, Art, Business, Collection, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Police, Science or Theatre?

However some people are not with a partner…

Wedding kiss

…and some card shops are now selling cards for other members of your family – which is fine as we all need social support in whatever form it takes, especially when going through painful times; so make the most of whatever love you have in your life.

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