Autumn, Pain and PTG!

I love the Autumn -but some people get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) at this time of year – so make the most of it when the sun does shine – even if it’s just popping out in your lunch break. The cold weather can make it more difficult for those with joint pain – so it’s good to wrap up warm with chunky knits and cosy boots. A visiting patient said the other day that she thinks of pain as an ugly picture in the room which she doesn’t like but doesn’t look at even though she knows its there – do you think this is helpful? 

Virginia creeper in the Autumn

In the November Psychologist magazine I read an interesting article on PTG (post-traumatic growth) which I thought I would share – especially as I have had a car crash recently – a bit like that cheesy song “What doesn’t kill  you (stronger)” by Kelly Clarkson: “What is post-traumatic growth? After experiencing a traumatic event people often report 3 ways in which their psychological functioning increases: 

  1. Relationships are enhanced in some ways e.g. people describe that they come to value friends and family more and an increased sense of compassion for others.
  2. People change their views of themselves e.g. developing wisdom, strength and gratitude, perhaps coupled with a greater acceptance of their limitations.
  3. People describe changes in their life philosophy e.g. finding a fresh appreciation for each new day, becoming less materialistic and more able to live in the present. (Joseph 2012).”

Nature reflects this too – she dies in the Autumn and Winter and then comes to life again in the following Spring.

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