Stress at work?

So some people might say that they don’t get stressed at work, because they love their job and are passionate about what they do – I would say those people are few and far between – most of us work because we get paid for it. If we enjoy our work that’s a bonus and if you, like me, prefer to work for yourself that can be great too. However most people don’t have that option, because they need a regular income to pay the bills. So if you occasionally feel stressed at work, here are some tips that might help you:

  • If your boss is having “a go” at you, and this could happen quite often, because most managers are not trained in how to manage people – then just look at their eyebrows and focus on them.
  • Take a break during the day – even if it is for just a short while – away from the office. If you eat your lunch at your desk, then find some other excuse to get out for a brief walk.
  • Use mindfulness.
  • Remember that most things that don’t get done today can be done tomorrow!
  • Make lists in order to prioritise, but limit yourself to one a day.
  • Be assertive, rather than passive/passive-aggressive or aggressive.
  • Allow some time to share your day with someone special in the evening, but put a cap/time-limit on it, otherwise they will get stressed too!
  • Find a good friend at work who you can trust 100% in order to be able to confide in someone who will understand.
  • Make sure your social circle (and that includes Facebook) includes more people who are outside your work network, so that you don’t end up “talking shop” all the time.
  • Spend a little of what you earn each month on a treat for yourself, so that you don’t feel like you are just earning to pay off bills/debts.
  • Sometimes you have to take work home with you, but again put a time limit on how long you spend working at home. And in reverse you can then “home from work” too when necessary, for example use a spare moment at work to book that dentist appointment.
  • Constantly checking your emails will interrupt your flow – so limit that to 2/3 times a day.
  • Remember that you work to live, you don’t live to work.

Nobody thought of bringing a headache pill to the party?