Days of the week…

I am reading a book by Oliver Sachs at the moment and I have just read a very interesting chapter on Synaesthesia – on how some people see musical notes or days of the week in colour i.e. their senses get muddled up. I haven’t got that but I have always thought of Monday as a blue day – maybe because of the song.

For people who have depression one of the common pieces of advice is to plan something to do every day – preferably something pleasant- not in an empty pursuit of happiness, but as a way of breaking away from a “depressing life” – this is easier said than done for some of my clients who are living with pain.

However here goes with my suggestions:

Monday is Fun day

Tuesday is Tunes day

Wednesday is Friends day

Thursday is Exercise day

Friday could be Pie day or Buy day!

Saturday is Natter day

Sunday is Sun day

What would yours be?Colour days