Green exercise…

Green exercise

Quite often, if I want to have some quiet time to be on my own, I take a walk up Solisbury Hill. This is green exercise – when we walk or ride our bikes in the countryside i.e. when we exercise outside – it is different from exercising in a gym. Research has shown that people who take part in green exercise often work harder or for longer than they normally would in the gym without even realising it, presumably because they are enjoying it more. I am not talking about a gentle stroll around the shops, but walking or cycling (or running even) where you get out of breath for at least 3 minutes and a bit sweaty!

You can really be in the moment when out walking too – for example you can feel the sun on your face and look at the butterflies and hear the birdsong – so green exercise is good for mental health as well. Even better if there is no time limit.