Self – confidence?

I have had quite a few clients recently who want to increase their self-confidence…and in the past I used to equate self-confidence with the psychological concept of self-efficacy (Bandura)Self-efficacy being your belief in your ability to do something e.g. my PhD was mainly about young women’s belief in their ability to breastfeed their babies. However when I ask my clients further questions about their lacking in self-confidence, it is often about anxiety, but also about low self-esteem. Yes they may have low self-efficacy for managing their anxiety, but more often than not the low self-esteem has come first.. self-esteem being essentially about how much we like ourselves – too low and we suffer, too high and we are at risk of becoming narcissistic. Quite often the non-psychologist will confuse self-esteem and self-efficacy, but they are different concepts. However they can overlap, for example when we really care about something and our self-efficacy to carry out that task or learn that skill is low, then that can in turn affect our self-esteem…So next time a client comes to me saying they have low self-confidence I will by all means help them to cope if they are anxious, but may also look at their self-esteem…And sometimes it is better to reframe that as self-compassion.