Head banging!

Head bangerI used to be a bit of a head banger when I was an adolescent and apparently I still am! I don’t listen to heavy metal music anymore (except  for the occasional Whitesnake track) but I did bang my head as a result of a fall the other day…So I am not talking about a little whack of the head when you hit it against a beam, but a heavy fall against a stone pillar, with – as the paramedics put it – a lot of claret (and I am not talking about falling because of booze!) This resulted in mild concussion which is also called a minor head injury and just because you don’t pass out and/or vomit or seem confused, it doesn’t mean you are not concussed…Often as a result of a minor head injury you can get post-concussion syndrome, which can last from a couple of weeks to 3 months… And as this is quite common, I thought it would be helpful to list some of the symptoms here:

  • headaches
  • some mild cognitive impairments such as forgetfulness / slow processing speeds / problems concentrating
  • irritation
  • tiredness / drowsiness / problems sleeping
  • sensitivity to noise and/or light
  • feeling tearful
  • mild PTSD
  • tinnitus
  • fear of going out

A psychologist would be able to help you cope with any of these symptoms, even if they are not a neuropsychologist, or you can go to the Headway website where there are helpful leaflets to download and/or a helpline to ring…Headway suggest that in the first few days afterwards you don’t drink alcohol or drive long distances or play contact sport,  but if the symptoms get worse and the headaches don’t respond to painkillers, then you should get checked out by your GP or go to A&E.