Avoiding the post-holiday blues…


  Does your Summer holiday seem a long time ago or are you still basking in the post-holiday glow? Are holidays actually beneficial to us? The Psychologist  asked this question and came to the conclusion that for most of us the benefits are short-lived.

  So here are some of their tips for making the most of your holiday when you get back home and back to work:

  1. Start slowly – resume work a day or two after you get back – don’t plunge straight in and then gradually build back up to your normal working pattern – be kind to your self.
  2. Take control –  you don’t have to answer emails or work calls during the evening or the weekend, unless you are a medical doctor on call! You can determine when you are available – you control your pc / smartphone – don’t let it control you.
  3. Cherish memories – keep a special holiday pic to hand, cook the dishes you enjoyed on holiday, put that special shell you found on the beach in your bathroom and keep in touch with friends / family who went with you.
  4. Spread your AL – take weekends away occasionally so your holiday isn’t used all up in one glut. That way you don’t have to have a perfect holiday each time.
  5. Make each day special – have a healthy work life balance – by going for a swim after work, or having an evening in together with your loved ones, or by visiting that local art gallery in your lunch break or by really listening to the words of that song you like on the radio.