Anger issues?

All sorts of things can make us angry…and sometimes anger is justified and sometimes it isn’t…but quite often it is our beliefs and expectations that will affect whether we get angry or not and these in turn are influenced by our upbringing and our experiences of life.Then if we do feel anger – how do we act on it? It often depends on what mood we’re in and whether we are in pain or tired etc. but also it is about our inhibitions, which is why some people show their anger to people they love and not in the public domain! Hence the expression “Angel on the street but a Devil at home”

What are good ways of dealing with anger and frustration?  Mindfulness can help – it will pass… and the traffic lights system is a good one: Red is the anger when you feel it, Amber is the time you have to give yourself to think about it and Green is when it is safe to act. On a deeper level we sometimes get angry because we think the world owes us happiness – this is a trap – if we stop striving for happiness we can sometimes find moments of joy in everyday things.
Angry face