shutterstock_1675205416_1 Coronaphobia is a new word around at the moment and a little of it is understandable, especially if you have seen those photos of seriously ill people in hospital or you have heard someone talk about their recovery etc. However for some people it can become a real problem, possibly leading to health anxiety or OCD or agoraphobia…and ways of recognising this are discovering that you have become obsessive about cleaning or you are not going out to places or to see people where it is probably safe…So here are 7 tips to help you deal with this type of anxiety:

  1. Baby steps – make changes gradually, for example by initially going out for walks or to supermarkets at times when it’s not busy…. but don’t stay indoors unless your GP has told you to.
  2. Be rational – for example if you are a young white woman, with no underlying health conditions, the probability that you will get ill from coronavirus is exceedingly slim. Remember that thoughts are not facts….
  3. Don’t watch/listen to too much news!
  4. Do something good for somebody else that will make them happy – to take away the focus from yourself and your body…
  5. Work out what it is you value in life and give those values more priority than your anxieties.
  6. Invite in the positive emotions like hope and gratitude instead of focussing on the negative ones.
  7. If you feel your anxieties are getting out of control, get expert help from a health professional e.g. your GP or a therapist.