I have mentioned mindfulness before in previous blogs, but not in its own right. The blog about grounding is just one mindfulness technique – there are many and it is not just about meditating. It is about living in the present with acceptance and compassion, but without judgement. It is about being rather than doing – after all we are human beings; think about the last time you just lived right here, right now and just enjoyed what you were seeing or hearing or tasting or feeling just for its own sake. Small children are good at just being in the present – watch a toddler absorbed with playing with duplo for example – they are not worrying about the future or the past. It is amazing how much happier you feel when you practise mindfulness.

Some Christians have doubts about mindfulness because it originates in Buddhist thinking, but the techniques can easily be separated from the religion; even Jesus was mindful sometimes- in the gospels it refers to him saying- don’t worry about tomorrow – today has enough problems of its own.

It doesn’t mean we become complacent and never make plans – there is a time for planning and a time for looking back on fond memories, but a lot of the time our minds are like hamsters on a wheel – just going over the same issues again and again- we can get off though when we want to. At the moment I am between salaried jobs and therefore spending more time at home (Rachael’s Retreat) and I am applying for new research posts, but I have found that I can be concerned about the future and yet not worry about it.

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