Is there a difference between stress and anxiety?

Quite often I get clients coming to me saying they are not anxious they are stressed/ suffering with stress…I think that is partly because there is a stigma about having anxiety and maybe a little kudos in being so busy you are stressed?

However mostly I think it is a misunderstanding of the meaning of the word anxiety… So lets think of stress as the external force that is applied to something or somebody (remember GCSE physics?); so obviously a cumulation of many stressors in somebody’s life will probably effect their quality of life and / or their mood….However some people are very resilient and manage to juggle many stressors without ending up on a therapist’s “couch”…And don’t forget that old adage: “if your life doesn’t add up start subtracting!” And don’t be afraid to say no if you are being asked to do too much.

However quite often stress the external force can cause an internal state of anxiety. And most people think that anxiety is just another word for feeling nervous, yet it can be so much more than that: so you may or may not be a worrier, but if you have brain fog, or find yourself being irritable/ snappy or you are often overthinking or over planning or being a perfectionist or you aren’t sleeping well or you are constantly restless or you have unusual physical symptoms – these can all be traits of anxiety…