Suicide prevention…

Last week was suicide prevention week and at the weekend I attended an online summit/webinar on this topic with talks given by various speakers. The best by far was by another health psychologist – Professor Rory O’Conner…he has spent many years of research in this area and he has recently published a book (which is now on my Wishlist with Amazon) called: “When it is darkest: Why people die by suicide and what we can do to prevent it.” Two of the most important things that struck me about his talk (which are covered in the book) are: 1. That there are many myths around suicide and 2. That there are certain things to look out for that will take somebody from the ideation stage to the action stage:

  1. Two of the myths around suicide are: (a) Suicide occurs without warning – this is a myth and (b) Suicide can’t be prevented -this is a myth too and there are others.
  2. There are several factors that make it more likely that someone will attempt suicide and two of these are: (a) knowing somebody else who has done it and (b) having a fearlessness around death.

So if you know someone who is feeling trapped or a burden on others, then do ask them how they are feeling (and mean it) and another myth is that talking about it plants a seed in their mind of autosuggestion – this is not true and conversely talking to somebody about it might help them seek help.

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