Time again!

Most people who know me well will find it amusing that I am writing a blog about time, as when I was at school I was known as “Jacquie Tait is always late.” I think that was because I am an optimist! My husband Kevan wrote about time on this blog about 3 years ago – it was about the idea that time is precious, so we should seize the moment. I am going to write about a different way of viewing time – not the Stephen Hawking’s way, but the psychologist’s way – the mindful way. I was inspired to write this by an interview with the author Matt Haig in The Psychologist this month. (He has talking about his latest book “Notes on a Nervous Planet” which I am going to add to my to-read list).  He ends by saying:  “Time is everything. It is how we measure our lives and our loves and our illnesses…” i.e. sometimes time can seem the enemy in that we have to endure things we don’t like and we can also worry about spending time in the right way and time running out. However if we flip that coin, then we can recognise (as mindfulness teaches us) that everything is impermanent and that the bad things will pass and we can savour the good things. Time can disprove pessimistic attitudes…

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