Christmas and families…

Seb and me at Xmas I have just been looking on the internet to find out how many people have problems with families at Christmas time and it seems to be alot! I think this is primarily to do with unrealistic expectations and we can also lay some blame with Hollywood and all those Christmas songs sung by the likes of Nat King Cole. We expect Christmas to be perfect and it never is: we don’t often get a white Christmas and not everybody likes sprouts!

We seem to be more organised about our shopping lists than organising who we see and when. It’s not great if elderly people who are on their own for most of the year are also left on their own on Christmas day, but some others may actually like to be on their own. Also if we don’t see our loved ones during the holiday season, we can always see them before or afterwards;  it’s the regular contact and the quality time that counts – not which day of the year it is. After all December 25th is probably not even Jesus’ exact birthday. It is the time of the year when we celebrate the birth of a man who came to bring peace to our world – if we can’t even have peace within our families what hope does the world have?

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