On one of Manfred Mann’s albums there is a song called “Questions”. I have some questions that are making me think more than usual at the moment; partly as a result of reading  “A Briefer History of Time”  by Stephen Hawking – which I was inspired to do after seeing the film “The Theory of Everything”. He talks about space-time being the 4th dimension and how one cannot exist without the other and also about how our universe is forever expanding (not shrinking as The Muse suggested!). In which case where is heaven? If it is outside the universe then how can it function without space or time? (It certainly puts paid to any ideas about ghosts.)


Also as a psychologist I have often questioned the Christian idea of the soul. Psychologists talk about the self not the soul and even Christians no longer believe the soul is in the heart; if pushed they may say it is in the brain. Yet the brain is just white and grey matter and neurons – no soul there? Also the self can change and does so drastically when someone gets dementia so ….?

It seems as I get older I have more questions than answers – maybe that is a sign of wisdom?!The Roaring Silence (Remastered)

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