In this moment you may have found some silence if you’re lucky, whether it is internally or externally. The picture looks blissful but is this person alone in silence happy or in turmoil?. Some human beings in company, either with one person or several, are uncomfortable and will break the silence no matter what. Is this simply because we are not used to it……….I once held the silence for almost three hours and I was truly amazed by my thought processes, it was a most enlightening experience, primarily as I was uncertain of my own reaction, as I engaged with myself throughout this duration.

Adults and parents ssh children and ask them to be quiet, which I find fascinating and intriguing as I ponder the reason why they want them to be quiet. At school teachers would play games with the children “see who can remain the quietest for as long as possible.” Invariably that would not last long………what were the teachers’ motives? Culturally silence has different meanings e.g. in Japan if someone wishes to engage with you in conversation and you ignore them you are considered as being extremely rude.

In company sometimes we are not ready to talk and we just want to be alone with our thoughts, especially when we might be struggling emotionally and the words will not come out at all, replaced by tears or a bottom lip that is being bitten. So here we are forced to experience the silence, yet people ask “what’s the matter?”. Perhaps we could design a little banner which simply says ” I need to be silent.” It is the other person again that wants to break the silence. If you choose not to respond and remain silent they may become more agitated.

Silence can be very self empowering, try it……………….