ACT is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and it was “invented” by Steve Hayes; it is essentially a combination of some CBT techniques and Mindfulness… Recently I did some training/CPD on this with Dr Russ Harris and I thought I would share the basics with you here:

  • It’s about being in the present moment.
  • It’s about accepting our emotions and feelings, even pain.
  • It’s about defusing from our thoughts (see the post I wrote awhile ago on the Train as one way of doing this).
  • It’s about being able to observe yourself – hence the image at the top of this blog.
  • It’s about knowing your values and the sort of person you want to be.
  • And it’s about committing to your goals and doing the things you want to do in your life, despite any pain etc.
  • So if you want to know more go to YouTube and look up any of Russ Harris’s videos – two particularly good ones are The Evolution of the Human Mind and The Struggle Switch