Time is precious so do it now

Time is always disappearing, it never stands still and before you know it it’s gone. Surely since we cannot capture it, would we not consider it to be incredibly valuable? Yet I never cease to be amazed by the line which is uttered universally ” I did not have the time” .

Lots of people say and think oh I’ll do it later/tomorrow/next week or month or year, yet I wonder how many times in a lifetime one person sets out with intentions to do something, anything and before they realise the opportunity to do it, whatever it was has passed. To say that you are going to do something requires discipline, effort, endeavour and then the commitment to follow through with the action of the doing.

As time is clearly very precious indeed, I guess when we decide to delay or put off what we said or thought we had an intention to do, we are left feeling somewhat disappointed, perhaps holding on to regrets because the moment in time i.e. the opportunity to do it has been lost forever, it is too late now and that is that.

One hour alone consists of sixty minutes, I challenge you to sit just for five minutes alone, silent in a room and time yourself. When you think the five minutes are up get up and check, see how close you were to thinking that the five minutes had lapsed. Five minutes in silence is a long time! So if you agree with me that five minutes in silence is a long time then with yourflying clock new added perception of time which is clearly priceless just imagine what you are now going to do with the time you’ve got, but remember, time is precious so do it now.



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