Positive distractions…

Sometimes in life when things go wrong, we are left wondering at that moment going forward  what to: do, say, think, feel; with a sense of despair; really struggling and wanting to do anything to lessen the pain whether it is emotional or physical or both……….

This idea of doing something to act as a distraction can be on the whole more of a positive rather than a negative. I remember 1998 was a particularly difficult year for me and all I wanted to do was press the fast forward button, wanting desperately to be anywhere else with my thoughts and feelings than where I was currently at.

It is well known that doing some form of exercise is good for you, because the endorphins are stimulated and you do feel better physically, which itself leads to a more heightened level of mental awareness.

The negative side of distraction is using it in its extreme as avoidance, where you do many other things to self-collude in order to put off facing your issues, which are real. As we are human  beings we do use avoidance, but it requires tremendous effort, so eventually we run out of energy……….

Positive distractions might be: remembering all the things you have in your life, the list may be longer than you realise, then looking around and offering help to others that are struggling in their own lives. That way you do something to help another human being, it does not matter what it is, they gain and so do you,boy looking at painting because you feel good about helping someone else which makes you feel valued by them and also you value yourself too.


Whatever you do, do something, anything – today!

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