Getting the balance right…

If the tightrope walker gets the balance wrong then that’s probably the end….as human beings I often wonder if many of us stop to think and ask ourselves about the imbalances in our own lives? Whether its work versus play, or eating and drinking sensibly, taking some form of exercise, being able to take steps to quit something that we know isn’t good for us – take your pick this list is endless. The old adage “moderation in everything” is a wise statement, yet I’m not sure this comment is followed by many.

I remember working late yet again in the office one December many years ago. It was a gloomy winter’s evening, I was tired and probably needed to go home. I was curious how many extra hours I had given my employer that year so I totted it up and it was over 550 extra hours- where had the year gone?  At school everyone loved the deputy head and during detention one afternoon he imparted an interesting one liner  “work hard, play hard “. On reflection, having had many years of life’s experiences, I have deliberately changed this in my thinking and in practise to “enjoy work, love to play .”

We are not tightrope walkers so we think it does not really matter about getting the balance right on any front. If you could go to your local church yard and interview all those buried there, not one person would tell you they didn’t spend enough time working, the opposite would probably be true – they didn’t spend enough time playing.

It’s 2014 and the pressures in life have remained the same throughout time, they’re just different that’s all. Surely by asking ourselves the question “have I got the balance right?” would be a step in the right direction towards thinking about perhaps making some changes in our lives for the better, because you only get one life and you’re a long time dead. My resolution for 2014 is one word ” LIVE”……

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