Spring into action this Autumn

Once again it’s that time of year when “strictly come dancing” graces us with its presence  on national television. I love this programme and it’s always very thought-provoking: Celebrities of different ages and gender of mixed ability and fitness levels volunteering to dance in what can only be described as ” a scary live and very intimidating pressurised environment ” being scrutinised by millions. How will they cope with it all you wonder ? Some will embrace the experience and be able to jump out of their comfort zones, and as Len Goodman ( the lead judge) says  ” Give it some welly” whereas conversely others will perhaps feel emotionally that they have bitten off more than they can chew and are unable to deal with the demands of what is being asked of them to do in terms of physical endurance, and an ability to learn perhaps something very technically difficult to master and perform within a short space of time. Let’s not forget these professional dancer’s are the pick of some of the best acclaimed dancer’s worldwide, many have been dancing since they were young children.

Can you imagine the sheer enjoyment and love that it brings to you  when you are doing something that you are passionate about. Dancing like any other sport is so good for you in every sense. You are exercising and your endorphins kick in and you begin to feel so much better, fitter – more alive. This idea of doing any physical activity is great for the body, heart and mind – the list goes on.  When we are struggling with problems be they physical, mental, emotional or anything that impacts on us as human beings, sometimes springing into action is the best remedy, not just in Autumn when Strictly Come Dancing fever is here or when Andy Murray wins Wimbledon, but whenever you are able to because the benefits are endless.
Dancing is good for the heart

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